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World's first watch brand representing Maldives

It was all about the love for Maldives which encouraged our founder to create the brand Maldives Wave. Maldives is often known to be the heaven on earth and is loved by millions of people all around the world. There are over 1200 breathtaking islands scattered on the sparkling blue sea. When you see the mesmerizing water and the white sandy beaches, it takes a second for every soul to fall in love with this beautiful country.

This nation's first watch brand Maldives Wave consists of outstanding and quality watches for both men and women with different types of innovative designs. We will be continuously innovating and improving in order to meet the highest expectations of our beloved customers. Moreover, we also allow our customers to create their own watch which would be highly customized and we have a special design team for the special custom series lead by a unique designer.

We value our customers more than anything and we believe in treating all our customers with respect and fairness. Our highly valued, multicultural expert team will always continue to make sure that all our customers are satisfied by working together across boundaries.

Rest assured, we will not stop innovating and inventing new designs of our watches and we will be continuously improving as we believe that there is no end for improvement. The implementation of new creative ideas is our specialty.



Mohamed Zaaji Ismail


Azmath Ibrahim

Website design and social media


Alhan Mohamed


Shamoon Abdulla

Customer service and support

Mohamed Muaviz (manager)


Mohamed Auxam

Brand Ambassadors 

Ali Ashfaq

Shalabee Ibrahim

Mariyam Waheeda

Nabaha Abdul Razzaq

Nabeeha Abdul Razzaq

Hassan Saajin 


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