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The Knight series - DARK

This first ever series of Maldives Wave (MVW) is known as the Knight Series. These are water-resistant, chronograph movement watches which displays a second dial (also referred to as a sub-second dial), a minute dial and an hour dial. 


When it comes to chronographs, there is more to it than just design and functionality. As a watch lover you simply have to admire the crisp sound and the subtle click that translates to your index finger when pushing on one of the chronograph buttons. This holistic experience makes you appreciate every single bit of mechanical wizardry that is a chronograph.


$299.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price

    These terms of use governs your purchases from Maldives Wave, and upon purchase of a Maldives Wave watch forms a contract between you and Maldives Wave.

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Maldives Wave retains the right to adjust the prices at our discretion without any prior notice. The aim with the product images made available by Maldives Wave is to accurately represent the watches.

    DELIVERY INFORMATION Maldives Wave ships worldwide. Maldives Wave handles the shipping, however, the customer is responsible for the shipping fee. For deliveries within The Greater Male Region, Maldives Wave guarantees delivery within 24 hours.

    WARRANTY Your 2 year international warranty is automatically in effect with the purchase of your Maldives Wave Timepiece. The international warranty covers manufacturing and material defects existing at the time of delivery or coming into effect within the warranty period. During the aforementioned warranty period you will have the right to have any defect repaired free of charge. In the case that repairs are not sufficient enough to restore your Maldives Wave Watch to the normal conditions of use you will be provided a replacement.

    Warranty Terms your warranty will not cover the following circumstances

    • * Normal wear and tear (including but not limited to: discolouration/damage to metallic and non-metallic straps & damage to face, buckle and lopp)
    • * Failure or damage resulting from negligence/accidents and inappropriate use of the watch. (broken crystal, dents, scratches)
    • * Failure or damage caused by repair or modification by unauthorized persons not affiliated with Maldives Wave (battery replacements, repairs, services)
    • * Water damage

    Return Policy: - Any Maldives Wave watch maybe returned within a 14 day period from the date of purchase provided that the watch has no damage Please note that Maldives Wave has the right to refuse the return of any watch.